We are professional designers, we will design for you.

Good solutions are usually simple, but they must stem from deep and comprehensive understanding of the design requirements and the task at hand. Our work is never based on assumptions, but on a synthesis of thoroughly researched data. And we always keep an open mind. Active and strong communication with our clients is our starting point and it enables us to find those solutions that will suit even the most diverse customers of ours. We do know for a fact that this approach, based on understanding and analysis, is highly appreciated by our clients.

Building’s Life Cycle Assessment

3D Rendering

Sharing the office space with us is the award-winning OlaDesign 3D Rendering agency.

Interior Design

As experienced and versatile interior design professionals, we will deliver both individual interior design projects as well as be a part of a bigger team.
Our focus is the possibility of spaces to take on different forms and we create our designs paying attention both to the individual and the building as well as to how the space figures inside a bigger whole.


Master Plans and Zoning

Urbanisation is the megatrend of our time. We design zoning plans with a vision that is informed by hard research data. The latest in urban geography, research in traffic flow and GPS technology all play a part in how we imagine our future city, and we have been honoured with both Finnish and international awards for our work in the field.

Retail Spaces and Parking

Having only a collection of shops is not enough anymore. People want services too, such as libraries, health services, food courts and other content, like daycares and youth centres. Creating retail and business spaces nowadays is all about combining public and private services and thus creating new generation of city centres. We have experience in conceiving and constructing challenging hybrid urban projects which makes us frontrunners in this field.

Hotels and Leisure

At the moment, travel is growing faster than any other section of Finnish industry. Finland is registering over 22 millions overnight stays annually. Our hotel design department covers both conversions of listed buildings and new hotels.

Renovations and Restorations

Over half of all construction work done in Finland nowadays is renovations and restorations. It is a part of our work that is indeed close to our heart, and years of experience in designing renovations of listed buildings in Helsinki centre is a proof of just how good we are at it.

Office Spaces

The creating of office spaces is at a turning point – good location and flexibility are nowadays valued more than mere square meters. Our office design department offers an all-inclusive package, from designing the building and its interior to R&D of working environment.
Designing office spaces is what we do by far the most and the proof is over 100 built and functional offices.


We are in the middle of apartment building boom now. Two elements in designing apartments are at a premium value – fostering of a community spirit and the proximity of public transport. We always keep an individual in mind – whether designing an apartment complex or just a kitchen in a studio. We have proved ourselves on over 100 completed projects.


Roihuvuori, Helsinki / 2020

Noli Studios Katajanokka

Katajanokka, Helsinki / 2019

ECHA Telakkaranta

Hietalahti, Helsinki / 2019

Kuninkaansatama Harbour

Westend, Espoo / 2022


1st place Sörnäinen, Helsinki / 2019

Satamakatu 3

Katajanokka, Helsinki / 2019

Kruunuvuorenkatu 2

Katajanokka, Helsinki / 2019

Iso Paja

Pasila, Helsinki / 2018

ATT Mellunkylä

Mellunkylä, Helsinki / 2018

Technopolis Ülemiste

Tallinna, Viro / 2018

Kutomotie 11-13

Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki / 2011

Technopolis Ruoholahti 3

Salmisaari, Helsinki / 2018

Kivistö Titaani

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

“Hertsi" Local Service Centre

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2020

Hertsi Apartments

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2021

Kivistö Zeus

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

AsOy Asta Bostads Ab

Kamppi, Helsinki / 2009

Porvoo Aleksanterinkaari

Länsiranta, Porvoo / 2017-2020

Postipuisto’s Parking Building

1st place Pohjois-Pasila, Helsinki / 2019

Myyr York Downtown

Kunniamaininta Myyrmäki, Vantaa / 2019

Helsingin Kuunari

Lauttasaari, Helsinki / 2014

“Safiiri” Parking Garage

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019


Tikkurila, Vantaa / 2018

Abraham Wetterintie 18

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2015

Abraham Wetterintie 6

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2013

Kaleva-Hakametsä: the Regional Centre’s Core Area

Kunniamaininta Kaleva, Tampere / 2019

Technopolis Ruoholahti 2

Salmisaari, Helsinki / 2012

Scandic Continental

Taka-Töölö, Helsinki / 2014

Sokos Hotel Aleksanteri

Kamppi, Helsinki / 2008

Palace Hotel Sello

Leppävaara, Espoo / 2006

“Ristikko” Shopping Mall

Konala, Helsinki / 2015

Technopolis Ruoholahti 1

Salmisaari, Helsinki / 2008


Pasila, Helsinki / 2017

Skanska Ruskeasuo

Ruskeasuo, Helsinki / 2012

Ruskeasuo Neptun

Ruskeasuo, Helsinki / 2012

Housing Reform, 2018

1. sija Hakunila, Vantaa / 2018

Siltasaari Gate

Kallio, Helsinki / 2018

Technopolis Oulu

Keskusta, Oulu / 2006-2020

Panorama Tower

Leppävaara, Espoo / 2008

Alberga’s Sola

Leppävaara, Espoo / 2012


Malminmäki, Espoo / 2018


Pakila, Helsinki / 2015

Living in Downtown Kivistö

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2017

Kruunuvuorenranta Beach Downtown Block

Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki / 2018

Shopping Centre in Kannelmäki

Kannelmäki, Helsinki / 2016

Developing Kerava’s centre

Kauppakaaren alue, Kerava / 2018

Europan 14 Helsinki

2. sija Laajasalo, Helsinki / 2017

Communal District of Kivistö

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2017

Hiedanranta Beach Conceptual Competition

Hiedanranta, Tampere / 2016

The Inner Perimeter of Aleksanterinkaari Arch in Porvoo

1. sija Länsiranta, Porvoo / 2015

Asko Area

Asemanseutu, Lahti / 2016