Abraham Wetterintie 18

Residences, Senior Homes and Studios for Disabled

The project at Abraham Wetterintie 18 is a part of a bigger building complex.  All the buildings that make up the neighbourhood are interconnected by courtyards and share a public transportation network.

The project consists of one apartment building, its underground car park and belonging yard areas. The building is mostly five-story high, as there are different heights at different corners of the property. At the northern end, there is a tower-like part that is 8-stories high which serves as an architectural corner emphasis of the building complex. As the zoning plan stipulated, the lower, five-story high part is slightly recessed on the Abraham Wetterintie street side.

Abraham Wetterintie 18

Location: Herttoniemi, Helsinki

Size: 6 700 gr sqm

Completion: 2015.

Developer: ATT 

Hertsi Apartments

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2021

Abraham Wetterintie 6

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2013

“Hertsi” Local Service Centre

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2020