When You Can Feel The Closeness of the City

When You Can Feel The Closeness of the City

Our competition proposal for the Kaleva-Hakametsä area offers a vision of a distinctive local center, a comfortable and lively residential area and a commercially functional entityinterspersed with public outdoor spaces.

Sammonkatu street is one of the most used roads to reach Tampere’s downtown centre. The character of the street is distinctly 1950s, as it follows the open urban structure architectural paradigms typical of the 50s, where the street space is created mainly at the short ends of the residential buildings. The environmental zoning plan project follows a rather closed block structure.

The proposal does not compete with the Sammonkatu street’s structure, but creates an individual terminal based on the variation of the closed block and, on the other hand, a starting point for the street at the intersection of the Hervanta highway. The structure of the competition proposal is based on its continuous housing mass, within which public and private spaces alternate. The building mass that are creating borders of main streets and the site itself form an urban, clearly marked street space and act as a noise barrier for the innerparts of the block. On the inside are residential courtyards as well as freely meandering public outdoor spaces.

The footbridge connection from the direction of Hakametsä Hall ends at Prisma’s second floor level. This height differential has created a clear identity for the local center. Business premises and public outdoor spaces form a continuous series of descending and multi-layered spaces. Services and meeting spaces are located in connection with this set of spaces. At the Sarvijaakonaukio square station, the block structure opens toward Prisma. By designing and placing openings strategically, the tram stop becomes a station instead of just a stop and thus becomes an integral part of  the local center.

When You Can Feel the Closeness of the City

Honorary mention to the competition proposal When You Can Feel the Closeness of the City for the Kaleva-Hakametsä local center’s core competition; competition by invitation

Location: Kaleva, Tampere

Size: total of 50 500 gr sqm, of which 30 500 gr sqm residences and 20 000 gr sqm business spaces

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