Kuninkaansatama Harbour

Beautiful Architecture By the Sea

The plan is to build a high-quality housing project that blends in with its environment and to bring services to the area. Beautiful architecture creates an intimate and cozy setting while at the same time protecting the beach from the environmental noise.

The appearance of the buildings harks back to the architectural style of Tapiola. However, the snake-like shape and wooden surfaces of the residential building create the area’s own strong identity and recognizability.

The restaurant, café pavilion, small spa and the gym designed for the area are used by all the residents and are an important part of the whole.

From High-rise Construction to Lower Volumes

Based on the feedback and the opinions of the Town Planning Board, the previously planned high-rise building for the site has been abandoned, and the residential building became a lower, snake-like volume created by several staircase units. It is visually cut in the middle and staggered at both the western and  eastern end on the beach side. The parking spaces in the residential building are located underground and in a separate parking facility between the building and Länsiväylä Road.

A separate service building is located on the southern edge of the site, close to the beach and Käärmesaarenpuisto Park. The public parking spaces of the service building and the beach are located between the residential and the service building.

Both noise and air quality issues have been taken into account while designing the project. The apartments are either through-house apartments or open to the south, facing the sea. No apartments open solely in the direction of Länsiväylä Road. The balconies of all apartments open to the south.

The Project Takes into Account the Existing Environment

As the plot does not extend as far as the beach, between it and the beach  will be a new section of beach trails as well as whole of the Westend beach. The beach itself remains inpublic use. The footpath north of the site will also be preserved.

The beach, the park area south of the plot and the waterfront trail have been renovated and built during the summer of 2016. The beach with its parks and access routes will remain available to all city residents even after the site has been developed. Within the block area atotal of 36 parking spaces have been planned for beach goers, the service building and other public uses.

The residential building is planned to be located right at the northern edge of the site, as far as possible from the beach. The yard area of ​​the residential building is to be shielded from the beach trail by a low-lying wall and a hedge, so that the boundary between the private and public areas is clear and the residential courtyards do not spread to the common areas of thepark or the beach.

As Oy Kuninkaansatama

Location: Westend, Espoo

Size: 20 770 gr sqm

Estimated date of completion: 2022.

Developer: Westpro CC Oy

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