The Inner Perimeter of Aleksanterinkaari Arch in Porvoo


Joseph Brodsky saw the allusion as an outstanding urban planning principle. Inspired by old urban structures, the block has become a multidimensional small town; the central block of New Porvoo, an intimate and safe stone castle where openings and closures alternate. The materials and scale “allude to” the stone houses of old Porvoo. The street space is close-knit and  every street corner is a new surprise. The views are lively and vivid – from different coloured plastering and brick surfaces to a new variation of brick ornamentation as an environmental art element – all of which integrates the new buildings into a rich history ofbuilding tradition.

Together with the pedestrian path that passes throughout the area are diverse routes and spaces that form an inspiring and rich living environment where socialising is easy and natural. The lively courtyard atmosphere invites you to spend time relaxing and it encourageslight traffic by easy connections to the surroundings. 

The service building will be integrated into the block located southward of the business districts. The drop-off traffic area and the phasing of the project is thus achieved in a naturalway. There will be a restaurant on the first floor, for all the residents of the area. The business premises will be located along Aleksanterinkaari arch and the block’s common areas will be gathered around the courtyards and the pedestrian walkways.

The architectural details of old, stone-built Porvoo were the inspiration for the art of the Aleksanterinkaari block. Those city’s multi-faceted facade details are being alluded to and interpreted in a modern way. Together with facades and entrances, the brick details are a modern interpretation of the historic brick decorations and “allude to” the architecture of otherbuildings in this block. Each building has its own unique brick pattern. The block’s theme of “pixellated bricks” can be continued at the entrances by highlighting the stonework with “step-stones”. The red-brick facade theme connect the new buildings to an art factory on the other side of the Aleksanterinkaari arch. This new block is a missing link between the red brick architecture of the art factory and the concrete architecture of the 1970s.

Slottsgården is an area of residential buildings along the Aleksanterinkaari arch in Porvoo. The area combines some top-notch architecture, functionality, community-friendliness, ecological sustainability and life cycle efficiency. In addition to energy efficiency, the key issues of the competition entry are the widest possible use of new, innovative and intelligent energy solutions and the influence given to people who will live there and use these spaces.


1st place for the competition entry Slottsgården; Aleksanterinkaari Arch inner perimeter zoning plan and a site handover competition.

Location: Länsiranta, Porvoo

Size: total of 17 140 gr sqm; of which residences: 11 980 gr sqm; assisted living apartments: 4 760 gr sqm and business / office spaces: 1 380 gr sqm.

Porvoo Aleksanterinkaari

Länsiranta, Porvoo / 2017-

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