“Hertsi” Apartments

“Hertsi” Apartments

“Hertsi” is a residential area consisting of three multi-storey apartment buildings that are part of the Hertsi shopping mall and municipal services centre.

In addition to a supermarket and various retail businesses, Hertsi mall features Helsinki City Library and Youth Services, a daycare “Touhula”, Mehiläinen’s nursing home, restaurants, cafe bars, gym and wellness centre.

“Hertsi” apartment buildings have over 300 flats in total, ranging from studios to family-size apartments. As Oy Poukama building has 79 apartments (4 500 sqm) divided in 10 floors; As Oy Tuulensuoja has 95 apartments (over 5 000 sqm) divided in 13 floors and As Oy Poudantuoja has 132 apartment units (over 9 000 sqm) divided in 18 floors. The contractor for the highest building tower was YIT; for the remaining two others, Hartela.

Multipurpose Deck Courtyard/Garden

The highest apartment tower is more than 20 floors high, as its first floor starts from the deck courtyard, built at the height of a four-storey building.

The deck garden for the residents was built on top of the mall roof. Children play here too, as the yard is used by the the Touhula kindergarten as well.

The same materials used on facades unite the buildings visually. Exterior surfaces on the yard side are glazed patios and white concrete units decorated with accent colors, while the street facades are rendered in terracotta ceramic cladding, thus blending with the older surrounding buildings. 

“Hertsi” Apartments

Location: Herttoniemi, Helsinki

Size: 15 000 gr sqm

Completion: 2021.

Developer: YIT Oyj and Hartela Oy 

ATT Mellunkylä

Mellunkylä, Helsinki / 2018

Kivistö Titaani

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

“Hertsi” Local Service Centre

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2020