“Safiiri” Parking Garage

Koy “Safiiri” Parking Garage

The parking facilities of Kivistö’s central-living zoning area 5 were consolidated in a parkingservices building located along Kivistö’s Puistokatu street. The location was chosen carefully, in order to hide the garage as much as possible from the apartments’ views and in order for the garage to be centrally accessible. 

The building offers a total of 386 parking spaces. We also wanted the parking building to become the area’s landmark, so, in the area predominantly built in brick, Corten steel was chosen as the surface material, and large “megatiles” constructed from the Corten panels are covering the facades. Considering that “Safiiri” is a relatively large building situated in a tight urban space, it merges well with its surroundings, while also asserting itself in a positive way at the same time. 

A bicycle repair and service shop serving the entire block is located at a quiet road intersection.

Infographics & Artwork

Berry Creative designed the project’s original artwork. The artistic design was focused on infographics inside the building, the lighting artwork on the facades and the colour patterns of the stairwell towers. The building has a large greenery roof, the fifth facade, as it were, designed and realised also by Berry Creative.

Koy “Safiiri” Parking Garage

Location: Kivistö, Vantaa

Size: 11 500 gr sqm

Completion: 2019.

Developer: Lujatalo Oy

Kivistö Titaani

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

Postipuisto’s Parking Building

1st place Pohjois-Pasila, Helsinki / 2019