Career Opportunities

We are all different, but the fire in our belly is the same: we want to make future better for all of us.

We are truly an international team – our members come from 10 different countries.

Our design creed can be summed up like this: you are absolutely free to spread your wings but you will be expected to stand behind your work 100%. 

We have an annual architectural tour tradition, when we go abroad and see the most interesting architecture the world has to offer and raise our glasses to great architecture.

We argue with each other every day but also support each other every day.

Because we are such a big office, the chances are you will find somebody who knows the answer to your question. Architecture is a team sport, and we do not believe in “star designers”, only “dream teams”. Both our virtual and real-life office spaces are built around a team concept.  

Our weekly “Friday Breakfast” is an occasion to go through some things that will happen the following week or have presentations and discussions on themes of particular interest.

We Are Constantly Evolving

We do mini polls and quick trials every week. Once a year we organise “Big Room Party”, where we discuss, think through, argue, probe, brain storm and vote on our future goals. … 

Advanced digitalisation left us with more time to devote to pure designing. All our virtual teamwork spaces are utilising the same digital platform, including our meeting rooms and chat apps. The system allows you to have  information at your fingertips, contact a colleague or organise a quick briefing on your laptop or mobile phone. 

Architectural competitions are a central part of our theoretical research and product development. A successful competition entry is a reward in itself.   

Why Choose Us?


Lunch coupons; gym membership; Culture Pass; commute benefits; City Bike benefits; office breakfast on Fridays


We are family- and student-friendly office. With teleworking possibilities, you can take your work anywhere you wish – to a park, cafe, your cottage, abroad.

Smack in the Middle

There are over 200 restaurants within a 10-min walk from the office in any direction and Stockmann is just down the street.

Our Community

We go rock climbing and trampoline bouncing, play beach volleyball and watch ballet; we visit galleries and occasionally go on bar crawls. Because it’s FUN! 

Working Environment

Our new office spaces are the best showroom one can have for our team-centered concept of a working environment. And we can offer you a top-notch, professional-barista level coffee provided by Kaffa Roastery from Helsinki.

Freedom & Responsibility 

Every and each one of us has complete freedom in our designs, but that freedom does come with personal responsibility – your superiors will interfere as little as possible with your work and you will not be micromanaged.

As Your Career Grows, Your Job Description Can Too

If you wish, you will be free to change your professional specialty within our office. 

We are always on the lookout for awesome people and enthusiastic professionals to join our team. Send us your application, cv and portfolio to [email protected]