Skanska Ruskeasuo

Headquarters and Offices

“Kathy”, one of the four buildings in Manskun Rasti, houses the offices of Skanska’s main headquarters. 

It is located in Ruskeasuo district of Helsinki, on Mannerheimintie street. All the buildings in Manskun Rasti group are eco-friendly, modern, energy-efficient and highly flexible.

The names of the four buildings – Kathy, Neptun, Talisman and Lilly – are the names of four horses that belonged to Finnish General C.G.E. Mannerheim, an important figure in Finnish national history and the one the street got its name from. There is a yard area between the four buildings that resembles a cross, so the whole project was named Mannerheim’s Cross (Manskun Rasti). Underneath this cross-shaped yard area is three-storey parking garage which will be expanded during the building process of the next two buildings.

“Kathy” was designed and build to be efficiently eco-friendly and was certified as a Platinum-level LEED building. It was also awarded the Tekla BIM Award in Building Information Modeling competition in 2011.

Skanska Ruskeasuo (“Kathy”)

Location: Ruskeasuo, Helsinki

Size: 15 200 gr sqm

Completion: 2012.

Client: Skanska Commercial Development Finland Oy

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