Kruunuvuorenranta Beach Downtown Block

An Urban Trilogy – Three Squares, Three Blocks

The goal of “An Urban Trilogy” competition proposal is to create a modern, urban center anda meeting place for all the residents of the Kruunuvuorenranta area, where you can also get all the necessary local community services. The block is a commercial and neighbourhoodcore of the entire new residential area and the key part of Haakoninlahdenkatu street, envisioned as a main shopping street.

Within the existing urban structure, the central role of Haakoninlahdenkatu street is underlined by locating business and local service premises to open appealingly onto the street and its public open spaces. Communal spaces are grouped close together within theblock complex  in order to achieve modern flexibility, usability and promote community spirit.

The new complex will be built around three intimate and cozy public outdoor spaces: the Keskusaukio Square which lies at the crossroads of the main trails; the Porrastori Marketwhich leads up to to Varisluodonkatu Street and the Viheruoma which continues along the Hakoninlahdenkatu Street line. The scaling of urban spaces is human-sized throughout. The restaurant patios, the lush greenery as well as seating groups and stairs surrounding the plazas are inviting and welcoming.

This new central block consists of three built parts, the Local Service Quarter, the Community Quarter and the Superi Quarter, all of which have their own character as part of a balanced whole. The blocks are tied to each other by an unified façade treatment, whereby a varied and versatile rhythm of facade apertures allows for a free ramble within an urban brick-clad facades of Kruunuvuotenranta district. Each block has its own world of materials achieved with bricks of different shades and treatments give each quarter its own characteristic 

The block’s courtyards are diverse in shape, lushly green and playful, with unobstructed access to the street through the upper gates of Porrastori Market. The sloping surfaces of the roof edges are scaling the buildings and creating playful folds and unexpected triangular-shaped endings on both the yard and street side.

An Urban Trilogy

Competition proposal for the site handover competition in Kruunuvuorenranta downtown district

Location: Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki

Size: total of 25 100 gr sqm, of which: 18 300 gr sqm residences and 6 800 gr sqm retail spaces

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