Plug In, Plan B

Case 1, Ympyrätalo, Helsinki

The Ympyrätalo, being circular in shape, offers an interesting research area for the additional creation of apartments in an already densely built-up area. The location itself would help in raising the building’s efficiency without obstructing the views of its surroundings.

In its current state, Ympyrätalo has restaurants, shops and a supermarket at the ground level. There are seven office floors on top of the two-storey high ground floor. The glass-roofed atrium is the heart of the building.

The Plug-In model will be used to place three separate entrances to the atrium, next to the existing staircase leading off into the office part of the building. This way, the new housing modules will have independent vertical connections (staircases, elevators and new HVAC ducts).

Lightweight, modular system

Four new floors will be added on top of the existing building. The current top floor houses the building’s services and would, in the future, include both old and new HVAC systems as a buffer layer between the new and old structures.

The apartment units and balconies would be placed in a circle (student units, studios, family apartments, assisted living areas, etc.). The housing modules are implemented using modular elements made of CLT-panels and MetsäWood products.


2nd prize MetsäWood’s “Plan B” idea competition for urban complementary construction using modern construction technologies in building with wood

Location: Hakaniemi, Helsinki

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