Our office is about team work.

Among People

How does your city look like? The city which you will live in and work in for years to come? We would really like to know…

Here at L Architects, we put our money where our mouth is as we built our office in the middle of the city centre, and we organised it according to our vision of a future work environment.  

Drop in for a cup of coffee and we’ll talk more!

This Is How We Think

Our Creed

01 Good architecture is based on analysis, not trends.

02 We are a team and do not have “star designers”.

03 The client and us are always one team and one team only.

04 Our design starts from our client’s needs.

05 We are constantly developing the way we work and how we do it.

06 You shouldn’t be married to your job and having fun at work is totally ok.

Over 1000 Built Projects

We’ve seen the future, and a lot of it. Decades of experience in the industry is the guarantee that even the boldest ideas will become reality. In our opinion, the designing process is completed only when the building is and people have moved in. 

We will take care of your idea and take it all the way to the finished building.

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Award-winning Designs

Junatie Idea Competition

By invitation only; traffic flow and urban zoning development, Kalasatama, Helsinki 2019.

1st Place →

Postipuisto’s Aboveground Garage; ATT Helsinki – “Design&Construct” (D&C) Competition

Parking Building, Postipuisto, Helsinki 2019.

1st Place →

Housing Reform 2018

Open competition; Hakunila, Vantaa 2018.

1st place →

Europan 14 Helsinki “Productive Cities”

International zoning competition; Kaupunkibulevardi in Laajasalo, Helsinki, 2017.

2ns Place →

The New Vantaankoski, 2030

International business campus idea competition, Vantaa, 2016.

1st Place

Aleksanterinkaari in Porvoo

Contract-assured site development competition; apartment complex, Länsiranta, Porvoo, 2015.

1st Place →

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