“Hercules” in Kivistö

A block of four apartment buildings

“Hercules” was the working name for our four Kivistö sites. The plot consists of the housing companies “Poseidon”, “Herakles”, “Hermes” and “Kronos”, a courtyard building and a courtyard roof. The houses have both owned and rental flats, a total of 260 apartments. Parking spaces are located in the car park of the Sapphire Park, the site next to “Hercules”.

The Hercules quarter is located in Kivistö, Vantaa in a prestigious location, near the train station. The design of the area strived at modern urbanism, favouring walking and biking. The architecture of the buildings is calm and urban. The public street area is mainly brick-clad and a lot of color has been used throughout the courtyards in accordance with Kivistö’s goals.

Kivistö is an art district

The “Hercules” block is a significant part of Kivistö’s downtown housing complex. The northern blocks are connected by a path through their courtyards. This aims to add versatility and communality to large block yards. Among other things, the “Hercules”’ common courtyard, located in the middle of the block, is focused on play and spending time with each other. Correspondingly, a large courtyard sauna will be located in the westernmost courtyard for everyone to use.

Berry Creative has been responsible for all the art themes in all of our projects. Here the theme of the communal courtyard was “play” and there you can find e.g. jogging trails and art roof “Stuga” (“Cottage”).

“Hercules”, Kivistö

Location: Kivistö, Vantaa

Size: 16,800 gross sqm

Completed: 2019.

Client: Lujatalo Oy


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