Case Swing B

Modern offices in an excellent location

The Swing House Campus is built between the attractive Keilaniemi and Otaniemi. Keilaniemi and Otaniemi are known for their large and ever-growing concentration of technology industry. The campus consists of two office buildings (one existing and one new) and one hotel. The newer of these office buildings, Swing B, is to be be completed in the autumn of 2021. The site has good public transport connections –  the metro station and the Raide-Joker stations are just around the corner. All three buildings are connected to each other on the first floor level and there are restaurant and wellness facilities including a modern gym. Under the whole complex, in the basement, there are parking spaces where investment has been made in electric car charging stations.

The spaces are designed to be easily modified not only floor by floor but also between floors. There are two-storey, high-ceilinged spaces for rent that can be kept as they are or, as an option, internal walkways and stairways can be added, transforming them into modern loft-style spaces. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the spaces are very versatile, including meeting rooms as well as quiet rooms, offering a variety of team spaces and room layouts.

The façade is made of brick, corten steel plates and graphic concrete. As the location between Keilaniemi and Otaniemi is so close to nature, the opportunity to play with that fact presented itself in designing the facade. Otaniemi is dominated by red-brick architecture and Keilaniemi by glossy and modern structures. The western façade of Swing House is dominated by rust hued corten-steel sails, as it is situated so close to sea shore.

The vast green wall adds to the wellbeing

The seven-storey high green wall next to the central staircase serves as the visual and spiritual heart and lungs of the building as it purifies the indoor air and also grows herbs for its own restaurant. The rainwater on the property is used as irrigation water. The property applied for the WELL v2 ™ Gold level quality rating in international construction, which assesses the well-being of the tenants working inside the building and how the building itself adds to it. Among other things, the ease of movement within the building, its acoustics, air quality and materials are all evaluated with hundreds of different meters. For example, the facilities and the building’s environment are designed to favour the use of stairs. The lighting changes from bright white to warm yellow according to the rhythm of the day. In winter, the lighting brightens and supports the alertness. Each floor has a unique, soothing soundscape.

For cyclists who bike to work, an easy entrance to the office building and state-of-the-art dressing and shower facilities are designed. When all wellbeing-promoting solutions are taken into account at the very start of the design, the end result is a holistic whole, supporting both productivity and health.

Case Swing B

Location: Keilaniemi, Espoo

Size: 12,500 gross sqm

Estimated completion: 2021.

Client: Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

ECHA Telakkaranta

Hietalahti, Helsinki / 2019


Pasila, Helsinki / 2017