Kokkola Rautatientori

Do-Re-Mi -from a development idea to execution

L Architects’ proposal Do-Re-Mi has won the design and implementation competition for the Kokkola Railway Station and bus station area!

A block of buildings that creates an urban identity

The area of Kokkola bus station is located right in the center of Kokkola, opposite the train station and at the end of the pedestrian street. The aim of the plan was to create a characteristic block complex that creates an identity for the entire center of Kokkola, respecting the special features of the area and emphasizing its best aspects, and increasing the vitality of the center.

The functionality of the blocks, the conscious needs of the area and the development plans have been taken into account in our competition proposal. In total, about 37,000 brm² of construction would be built in the area.

Do-Re-Mi, three functional zones


At the heart of the plan is a set of downtown blocks whose character is recognizable as they approach from all directions. Inspiration has been sought for the variability of the facades of Kokkola’s old wooden blocks in accordance with the modern spirit. The pair of blocks has been rhythmically reduced in line with the granularity of the construction of the downtown area. However, the blocks are one entity that completes the piece missing from the urban structure, integrating the silhouette of Rautatienkatu in particular.


The block encloses a green and safe courtyard, which is a positive addition to downtown living.

The parking garage divides the courtyard into smaller intimate areas designed to serve different block functions such as living and playgrounds.


The promenade ends at the corner of the eastern block to the market square, the scale of which has been adapted for a pleasant stay. The block is easily accessible on foot as well as by bicycle, car and public transport (bus and train). The block area can be naturally connected to the new Travel Center under Rautatienkatu.

Parking is located under the business center as well as in the central car park, which is a short distance from all the buildings in the blocks. The first floor of the parking garage also houses the courtyard buildings that serve the block. Numerous bicycle spaces are reserved around the entrances. There are bicycle spaces in the apartments both on the street level and partly in the basement.

The service traffic in the block is handled in the service pockets reserved for this purpose in the courtyard.

Do-Re-Mi, three services


The café and restaurant offerings focus on the promenade and in the area of the block to the market square, enlivening the pedestrian center all year round. A hotel is also located along the square. The shop and other activities that require heavier maintenance are located in the immediate vicinity of the service yard. The premises of the store border the square and East Kirkkokatu, continuing around the corner of Rautatienkatu, bringing services close to the travel center.


Above the retail and service space section, a versatile residential block with various housing options has been designed.

Urban living around the blocks supports the development of the city center in a more vibrant direction.

The diverse distribution of apartments from studios to large family apartments ensures that you can find a home in the block, regardless of family size. The building heights of the block also take into account the light intake of the yard and protection from noise and wind.


The Event Center, presented by the music city Kokkola, is located as an extension of the pedestrian street and at the end of Läntinen Kirkkokatu, which leads to the old town. Designed on the corner of Länsi-Park, the 12-storey tower highlights the corner of the center as you approach the area. The hotel’s restaurant and accommodation facilities are naturally located in the immediate vicinity of the event center.


Location: Kokkola

Size: 37 400 gr sqm

Completion: 2016 ->

With us o the team was Lujatalo Oy and Sitowise Oy.