Hiedanranta Beach Conceptual Competition

From Infinity to You

In the future, the Hiedanranta Beach district will be known for its inspiring, diverse urban spaces, large and functional green areas and the scenic vicinity of Näsijärvi lake.

Hiedanranta district’s character is defined by high-quality, cutting-edge city homes, progressive ways of utilising and understanding space and platform thinking, where the cityscape is the user interface for both everyday life and celebrations as well as work and business life.

Hiedanranta forms an inspiring framework for a small town entered around its Central Park, Näsijärvi lake, railway traffic and a living urban space shared by all.

The competition brief wished that the city structural character would be defined as being a city on the lake, the city of factories and manufacturing and the expansion of the Lielahti area, which will be supported by tram lines, a large central park and Näsijärvi lake. Lielahti train station will be commissioned in accordance with the local transport development report and will be transferred to the main road at the Valtinaro junction. The train station’s move,alignment with the main road and new tram lines form a traffic hub that creates an even more significant and interesting point in the Hiedanranta region. In addition, Epilä’s side is naturally connected to public transport and the developing urban environment.

The Lielahti of Dreams forms the platform for a fusion zone of living and working of the future. The area answers to an existing  need and allows for a diverse building culture within the flexibility formula. The first two floors are a flexible space and basically a shared common space. Work, housing, their mixed forms and equally a common urban space for trading, cafés, workshops …

Innovations arise from encounters. The Lielahti of Dreams can be seen as  campus of the future, the Silicon Valley of Tampere, where start-up communities from different fields canmeet. In the heart of the area, the new Hiedanranta factories and new factory blocks will be preserved. Here the new meets the old, best illustrated by the old factory where new residential functions and culture are translating the old premises into new usage iterations. The Kartanopuisto Park becomes the crown jewel of the entire ring park. The school is naturally located at the most public point of the area, by the tram line tracks. Kindergartens are located in the public centre points of the new areas.

Highline-hybrid blocks demarcate the highway. In the future, living and work will mix, the perception of space in terms of content will change and take other shapes. We make better use of space and the urban structure of the future must be resilient to change. The modular, interlocking free structure provides flexibility for both living and working. This, in turn, will require a more adjustable formula system in the future, the “flexible formula”, which will allow for freer and faster construction based on spontaneous needs within the chosen concept.

Crocodile blocks line the area’s central park. The block structure is a modern interpretation of a traditional closed city blocks. The structure forms diverse, intertwined and intriguing courtyards and sets of interconnected spaces. The flexible building frame, in turn, allows for many types of housing typologies.

The Lake City presents a vision of what living close to the water in Tampere can look like in future. The blocks have been inspired by the floating of logs, where the always diverse but carefully defined log formations formed a significant urban pictorial element, a small archipelago, on the shores of Näsijärvi lake. Heading out to Näsijärvi lake is its own private landscape and in the inner part of the block you will meet a warm and friendly community. Residential islands consist of several interlocking island blocks. These island blocks are in themselves complete built units, including the parking.

From Infinity to You

Competition proposal From Infinity to You for the Hiedanranta International ConceptualCompetition, 2016.

Location: Hiedanranta Beach, Tampere

Size: total of 1 373 500 gr sqm, of which: 1 000 000 gr sqm residences; 335 000 gr sqm office and retail spaces and 38 500 gr sqm public buildings

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