“Zeus”, Kivistö

Rental Apartments and Business Spaces

As Oy “Zeus” is located in Kivistö, Vantaa; near the Safiiri Square. The building has been developed as a part of Kivistö Centre 5th zoning area. The  property developer is Premico Oy, and the contractor is Lujatalo Oy.

Kivistö’s “Zeus” project is the most prominent building in the block, as its northern side opens onto the Safiiri Square and its western side onto Keimola Street. First floor spaces are mostly business spaces.

Original Art and Ironwork

The building offers 116 new apartments. Majority of these apartments opens to the south and looks onto a big central courtyard. The fact that spaces facing the street are designated for shops and restaurants means that they are higher than usual, thus allowing for small lofts in the apartments on the courtyard side.   

In accordance with the Kivistö Centre 5th Zoning Area stipulations, the architecture is restrained and urban in character.The facades are red brick, and the first two floors have been visually connected in order to create more of a city feel to the adjacent square.  

Berry Creative collaborated on the project, as it did on other projects in the area. Kaisa Berry’s art theme was “Pilviportti” (“The Cloud Gate”). Jouko Niemi, the master blacksmith, forged the iron gate on the Safiiri Square side. The porte cochère that leads into the calm and green central courtyard is painted turquoise and titled “The Cloud Gate”.

“Zeus”, Kivistö

Location: Kivistö, Vantaa

Size: 6 000 gr sqm

Completion: 2019.

Developer: Premico Oy

Artists: Kaisa Berry and Jouko Nieminen

Kivistö Titaani

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

Kivistön Kvartsi ja Spektri

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2016