“Hertsi” Local Service Centre

Local Service Centre in Herttoniemi

“Hertsi” will be built in an excellent location and will serve tens of thousands of residents of Herttoniemi and its surrounding areas.

After it will have been completed, “Hertsi” will provide all the residents of the area with the services they need on a daily basis. In addition to grocery stores, “Hertsi” will have a library, gym, cafes, restaurants, health and beauty service providers along with many other.

A Shopping Mall’s Versatility Does Not Always Depend On Its Size

“Hertsi” is a new kind of shopping mall. It will not have stores selling fashion, for example, as sales of clothes and consumer goods have largely moved online. Instead, the goal is to offer a wide range of services that cannot be purchased online. In addition to the library and sports services, there will also be a kindergarten, a youth centre and assisted living for seniors. 

““Hertsi” will be a place for people and all the various aspects of their lives, where it will be also easy to do business”, says Harri Koskinen, the project’s main designer.

“Hertsi” was designed keeping clarity first and foremost in our mind. The footfall routes are planned intuitively and, for example, the way to the metro should be easy to find. “The “Hertsi” visitor should be able to perceive the whole of it without trouble”, added Koskinen. It is more compact than many other malls and has a very clear floor division. In addition, the main elevator carriages are each marked with their own tree-growth themerepresenting the mall. The roots of the trees are in the basement from whence they grow upwards, and, in this way, the person using the elevator knows which floor they are on by looking at the body of the tree. 

Special attention has been paid to the comfort and convenience of the spaces because we envisioned “Hertsi” as a social place as well, a place where people of all ages, from children and young people to seniors, would meet, spend time with each other and enjoy each other’s company.


Location: Herttoniemi, Helsinki

Size: 60 000 gr sqm

Completion: 2020.

Developer: Hartela Oy and YIT

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