“Ristikko” Shopping Mall

From Old Bottle Warehouse to Shopping Mall

“Ristikko” is built inside the outer walls of Hartwall’s old bottle warehouse. The outer walls’ new elements are mainly complementary structures such as the emergency escape stairs hidden behind the glass wall and the awnings above the mall’s main entrance. A larger glass wall was opened in the corner of the gym.

The name “Ristikko” (lattice) came from the combination of load-bearing, old and new lattice-like structures in the building. The mall’s first floor houses common goods shops and services, such as pharmacy, a grocery store, restaurants and cafes.

“Ristikko”s second floor is dedicated to services such as gym, restaurant and office spaces.

There is a children’s amusement and activity centre in the highest part of the old bottle warehouse, a space almost 15 meters high.

The building has a parking facility in the basement and a parking yard which is also connected to the area’s recycling point. 

The blue steel cassette facade of the original building has been preserved to  honour the building’s previous life.

“Ristikko” Shopping Mall

Location: Konala, Helsinki

Size: 27 000 gr sqm

Completion: 2015.

Developer: Hartela Oy


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