Kanerva Road, Vihti

Kanerva Road, Vihti

The urban plan for the Palma area was commissioned by the Vihti municipality. The aim was to develop the old area of industrial and residential buildings along Vihti road into a denser city area. The planning area lies along the main arrival route and is close to sports and leisure facilities.

The plan consists of apartment building sites delimiting Vihti road and an old rakves building that will be preserved. Housing is one among the ideas presented for the usage of the protected building.

The planning area to the north is bordered by Kanerva road. On the opposite side, a series of low-rise buildings have been designed. Parking is concentrated under the decks, leaving the central part of the block as a free courtyard area.

Vihti Kanervatie

Location: Vihti

Size: 16,000 sqm

Planning year: 2020.

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