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We are an office of over 50 professionals: architects, interior designers, service designers, master plan specialists, urban geographers, LEED experts, parametric design wizards and 3D rendering gurus. And we offer our services in 10 different languages!

Anniina Kontoniemi

Ida Fraser

Architect, on family leave

Juho Kuovi

Anastasia Seppänen

Anniina Jokinen

Sanna Piironen

Lari Matero Párraga

Anja-Kaisa Ylimommo


Lilja is an accomplished and gifted designer, a dynamic participant of conceptual and ideation phases of projects and has been a valuable team member on several successful competitions. Lilja’s strength is in ideation of especially challenging concepts and it is not a surprise that her portfolio features many urban design projects. She is all about the things to come and enjoys research and contemplation of new ways of doing architecture.

Lilja Mustila


Janne is an awarded urban designer. By taking part in developing zoning and traffic plans, Janne gained experience through many different phases of a project: from the initial, general zoning drafts all the way to the ideation phases by computer simulations. In addition to an architecture degree, Janne has a degree in sciences and a special degree in zoning and traffic design as well - those degrees fit well together as urban planning is a complex sum of many different parts. Urban planning analysis combined from hard data and changeable knowledge is his passion. Janne’s unique ability to envision complex entities is of invaluable help in trying to build a better urban environment.


Timo has been working at L Architects for over two decades, especially on office buildings’ design teams. As he is quick to joke and is reliable, Timo is an appreciated addition to any team. His portfolio ranges from small retail and office spaces to big headquarters-size office projects. During lulls in projects   (big and ambitious projects can take years to complete), Timo has taken part in various project developments and has been involved in developing adaptations to different needs of different customers. He is experienced in designing boarding schools and public transport stations as well.

Timo Virtanen


Erko has been a part of many projects, from designing apartment buildings to repurposing renovations. He is an accomplished ArchiCAD user and an expert in uploading design blueprints. ArchiCAD and other computer designing software are Erko’s special area of expertise - he always learns something new doing it. Designing buildings comes naturally to Erko, as his grasp of how ideas become reality is his strength.

Erko Paabos

Planning Assistant


Tiina, nickname Peppi, is a reliable and level-headed interior architect. There is a couple of decades of experience in designing interiors of various public spaces under her belt. Her professional focus is on projects that plan and develop big office spaces and design working environments. She believes that interior architects should be involved in the project from the earliest stages, as she is the one that keeps the needs of the final users of a finished project always in sight.

Tiina Lipponen


Oksanan insinööritutkinto auttaa häntä ymmärtämään hyvin myös muiden suunnittelijoiden kuvia. Hän käyttää teknisiä työkaluja tehokkaasti Oksana’s engineering degree makes her a wizard in interpreting and understanding project blueprints coming from outside L Architects. She collaborated on many mostly office building projects and was involved throughout the project’s different phases. Her passion, however, would be keeping the final user in mind and insisting on testing the convenience and practicality of different solutions. The fact that Oksana’s hobby is pottery, and that her family uses the objects hand-made by her every day illustrates her beliefs perfectly. It is important to her that whatever one might be designing, be it buildings or crockery, it always needs to be real, usable and helpful.

Oksana Karpova


Robert is L Architects’ resident Renaissance man - a versatile professional, his 30-year-old career in industry spans designing headquarters, renovating prime real estate properties in Helsinki, high-profile hotel projects and repurposing protected historical sites. Collaborator on many award-winning competitions, he is in charge of keeping the big picture in mind and checking the course of the L Architects’ philosophy and conceptual beliefs. He is nevertheless also involved in day-to day designing processes, where he is steering the team with a gentle and helping hand. A small curio: his first summer job as an architecture student was a live-in guide of Villa Mairea. Off-duty, Robert likes to relax with a glass of good wine and a classic movie.

Robert Trapp

CEO, Partner, Architect SAFA


Juha is an experienced project leader. His career includes numerous projects,  ranging from retail spaces and residences and from offices to hotels. He is an extremely detail-oriented and exact designer who manages all the various aspects of even the most difficult projects with ease. The result  of Juha’s designs are always elegant and functional solutions that make our environment better and more useful. He is calm and collected by nature and that makes him an always welcome addition to any team.

Juha Myrsky


Eija has experience in designing offices, hotels and shopping malls. Her strength is being a project secretary, a role which suits her personality well. She is flexible and adaptable and readily hops in whenever and wherever she is needed the most. Eija has a sunny disposition, always smiling and cheerful, and is well liked by the whole office.

Eija Linna


Extrovert, outspoken and always ready to crack a joke, Niklas is in charge of the L Architects’ departments for apartment and office planning; fields in which he has several decades of experience. Besides heading the apartment and office planning department, Niklas has been involved in many renovation and zoning projects as well. Privately, he is an avid ice hockey fan and player, occasionally coming to work sporting a beautiful black eye. As proven by his on-ice frolicking, Niklas does not shy away from challenges, but he is always taking them on in his stride and with a smile. Niklas is one of the oldest and most dependable members of L Architects team.

Niklas Sucksdorff

Chairman of the board, Partner, Architect SAFA


Niina says: “Designing process is not a solitary enterprise; it is best done in a team. And when the team gets along well and there is a good vibe among us, one can clearly notice it because the final result is always so much better.” This quote sums up Niina’s friendliness as a person and her work ethic. She has most experience in designing multi-story apartment buildings, but has participated in renovation and repurposing designs as well. Niina utilises her experience well, as she has become an efficient apartment designer and project manager by standardising design rules and regulation in a good way. She is also interested in other fields of design, as, for example, building in wood. In addition to designing, Niina heads Green Office team with aplomb. 

Niina Ruohola


Jarmo (or Jamo, as everybody calls him) is one of our most experienced project leaders. His hobby is endurance running and it shows: in both his physical appearance and mental attitude, Jamo is resilient, lean and patient. He is well suited for long-term projects and is research-oriented, which means  that he always has an inside-out familiarity with the project at hand and will not give up or in easily. Jamo has taken part in designing numerous apartment and renovation projects, as well as collaborating on big hybrid projects. 

Jarmo Kokkola


Anu is a versatile and experienced project designer and manager, who has been working in industry since the 90s. As well as designing new buildings, she has worked on many renovations and repurposings of old buildings, the oldest of which was built in the 19th century. She mostly takes part in designing hotels, apartments and offices, but she has also experience in zoning projects. Anu is “Fise”-certified architect in “especially demanding” building projects, concerning both newly designed buildings and renovation of old ones.

Anu Pahkala

Leading Architect, Architect SAFA


Pekka is multi talented, experienced and competent designer and architect. He worked on many projects that designed both new buildings and designed renovations of old ones. He also has a lot of experience in designing office spaces and buildings as well as a strong background in restaurant venues and developing new office-building concepts. Pekka strives to create interesting and lively architecture and he’s very passionate about it. It helps to have an extraordinary ability to visualise one’s ideas, like Pekka does, when going about this task… He is equally passionate about cycling as he is about architecture, and oftentimes gets inspired by the urban landscape he cycles through, be it here in Finland or abroad. Always alert to and immersed in his surroundings while atop his bike, these tours regularly create fresh ideas to try out in his own projects. 


Molly has been working on apartment designing, especially “assisted living” apartments for seniors, and her thesis was on ways to design residences for elderly suffering from dementia. She is a practical person and is handy at making things herself. Woodworking is her hobby, and she worked on a building site several times. Creating and crafting with her own hands is indeed at the core of who she is as she has two leisure pursuits - woodworking and gardening -  which is her passion, as, in addition to having more plants than square meters at home, she also has a gardening allotment.


Albina has broad experience in designing public buildings, both new and renovation projects in Finland and abroad. Some of her renovation projects involved historically valuable and protected sites and buildings. Her portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, from healthcare facilities, retail spaces and hotels to industrial and manufacturing facilities. She handles well all the project’s phases, but the end phase is her strong suit, especially BIM modelling. Albina is particularly invested in creating good and clear communication channels between the designers and clients, including the connection to the building site itself.

Albina Hakkarainen


Harri’s career spans over 30 years - 20 of them at L Architects - and during this time, he took part in all kinds of projects (too many to count), seeing them always from the very beginning to the very end. Recently, he has been focused on developing challenging “hybrid” concepts - one that marries successfully different aspects  of residence, office and retail spaces within one comprehensive whole. Alongside his architectural work, Harri also sits on the board of the office and is involved in day-to-day running of the business.

Harri Koskinen

Deputy managing director, Partner, Architect SAFA


Jari is L Architecs’ resident guru of urban planning. Growing up in a family of architects, one might say his career started already when he was a small boy helping out in his father’s office. Long ponytail harks back to his high-school rock band days, and his passion for urban planning from his days at Edinburg University. Quite an artist, he can get lost in drawing by hand elegant perspective view pictures and sketching visions of future urban landscapes. Telling a story with his drawings comes naturally to Jari, an invaluable gift in seeing a project from the inception to the end.

Jari Lonka


Teemu joined L Architects a decade ago and became a partner in autumn of 2019. His career is long and comprehensive - from designing apartments and renovations to urban planning and competitions. Teemu has always been a welcome member of competition teams, as he is always the one to spur the team onward to a still better result. His passion, however, is development of office environments, evolution of work methods and contemplating a work setting in which everybody would thrive; the expertise in all of which he is applying to our own office as well.

Teemu Immonen


Mari has had a long, respected and awarded career in our industry; a career that has taken her from managing challenging projects in the fields of apartment designing, renovation projects, special needs residences, hybrid projects and luxury loft apartments. Added to this long list of achievements are also daycares, renovations and repurposing of protected sites and a renovation of a Catholic monastery in USA.

Mari Ille

Leading Architect, Architect SAFA


Aleksei has extensive experience in designing apartments, office buildings and retail spaces, but designing apartments is definitely his strength and he is one of the most appreciated project design assistants in the office, thanks to his expertise in the field. He is methodical and precise and will remain unflappable and calm even in the middle of the most demanding project. 

Aleksei Kolomainen


Sami’s career in architecture and especially in digital modelling started right after he graduated. He threw himself into numerous projects ranging from project ideations, renovations and new buildings to designing healthcare facilities, retail and office spaces and shopping malls. Even with being an office record holder for most square meters designed and built, Sami still finds architecture interesting and invigorating. His hobby (music) and his work, he feels, are ever changing, and it does not matter how long you do it - it will always surprise you with something unexpected and new and inspiring.

Sami Hakonen


Annimaija has gathered experience in various renovation, office building, protected site and zoning projects. In addition to the above mentioned, she also designed a facade color palette used in various projects. She knows Adobe’s software, such as Photoshop and Indesign, inside and out.

Annimaija Tarkkanen


Niko is a strong spokesperson for two things: sustainability and the value of high standards in architecture and he is very passionate about it. Building with wood is something he is especially invested in, be it using wood as a building or as a finishing material. He is actively following the latest research and development in the building industry and is fast becoming an expert in Algorithmic Design (AD).

Niko has completed an entrepreneurship course at Aalto Ventures Program and has been involved in heading projects in R&D of startup operations and productions. From the fast-moving world of startups, Niko learned the importance of swift iterative design of ideas and concepts, as well as the significance of analysis-based solutions and these tenets have served him well in his career at L Architects.

Niko Cederlöf


Janina’s motto is: “Nothing is ever completely done and everything can always be improved upon.” Her background is in administration and human resources department, and she is currently working as L Architects’ marketing planner and content creator. Her hobby is photography, among much else. Janina is a bit of a daydreamer by nature, kind and always smiling, and always ready to try new things.

Janina Weckström

Marketing Planner and Content Creator


Erika worked on multi-storey apartment and office building designs and has experience in both new and renovation projects. She has previously worked in Hungary, Portugal and Spain and now is especially enjoying being a part of a big design team. Curious and people-loving, Erika is good-natured  and always willing to learn and be a part of something new. Privately, Erika is just as curious and enthusiastic: she dances, paints, draws and crafts jewellery.

Erika Szilvássy


Elina has close to 20 years of experience as an interior and furniture designer for both public and private clients. In the course of her career, she has designed interiors for numerous shops, restaurants, hotels and upscale residences. Her expertise includes concept development, space layout, material design, interior design and furniture designing, both for fixed and moveable pieces. She has successfully managed several office and public spaces’ designing teams.

Elina Törmänen


Otto is known in the office as a calm and reliable person with a great sense of humour. He is at his best when designing offices, shopping malls and taking part in competitions and he is always ready to lend a helping hand to a colleague, especially when it comes to IT and CAD questions. In his down time, Otto is fixing either his old house or his old car.


Maria keeps L Architects on a steady course by taking care of day-to-day housekeeping chores of an office with a firm grip and a warm smile. Her responsibility is to look after the office and all of us and she runs a tight ship. Maria’s background is, after all, being a manager in human resources. She also works on developing and improving the way we run our office by continuously streamlining the necessary structures and activities involved. She is an avid athlete and an outdoor person. Maria is always happy and smiling and is a true “soul of the office”. 

Maria Puola

Administrative Coordinator


Mirja’s strong suit is designing office spaces, and that is her favourite field of expertise but her experience also includes designing apartments, renovation projects and designing upgrades to properties. Although enjoying design challenges, she does not shy away from the more tedious aspects of the trade. Her tongue-in-cheek description of herself is the “dependable worker bee” that gets the task done, even the humdrum ones. 

Mirja Tyni


Tommy is one of those people whose imagination knows no bounds. His strengths include office project development, renovation and new construction. He excels in complex projects that require strong ability to conceptualise entities but also also enjoys collaborating with other freelance designers and his motto is “It’s teamwork, you see”. Tommy likes problem solving and coming up with new and creative solutions. He gets especially involved when it comes to exceptionally demanding projects, specifically the so-called “transformation projects” - ie repurposing (for example the Telakkaranta project).

Tommy Degerth


As a child, Päivi wrote in My Friend book that she likes salt liquorice and that she will be a veterinarian when she grows up. That girl grew up to be a passionate nature conservationist and an excellent structural architect, a brave and multilingual project manager for business centers, retail premises and housing projects who likes challenges and good decisions. As well as, of course, a salt liquorice aficionado - once you learn to love it, it stays with you for life.

Päivi Willman


Eeva has accumulated a truly diverse experience in designing various buildings - apartment buildings, assisted living houses, terraced houses, hotels, business premises, renovation and shopping malls. She has had time to work on various projects for almost 30 years, so experience is definitely one of her strengths.

Eeva Pohjala


Miia is one of the more experienced design assistants in our office. She has extensive experience ranging from residential design to commercial buildings. While being very precise and meticulous by nature, she also has the ability to keep all the different threads of large projects well in hand which makes her a very sought-after project assistant.  Miia has a calm and soothing character, which is evident in her elegant and delicate hand drawings.

Miia Lehtinen-Ruuska

Planning Assistant, on study leave


Leena has a strong experience in designing office buildings, but is familiar with the design of residential and commercial buildings,too. Implementation planning is also one of Leena's strengths. She enjoys being a project architect, likes team work and always knows exactly where each project is at. Good-natured and affable Leena is well-liked by everybody and is one of our most senior employees.

Leena Nykänen



Julio Orduna Sanchez is our 3D artist and OlaDesign partner. He graduated from BUAP University in 2003 with a degree in landscape architecture. He also studied at Concordia University in Montreal, as a part of the student exchange program. His graduating thesis was developed in collaboration with San Luis Obispo State University (CALPOLY). In 2015, Julio founded OlaDesign, together with Matias Celayes and Emma Grönholm. Their company has been working with L Architects since 2016.

Julio Orduna

Landscape Architect / Partner, 3D artist, Oladesign Oy


Eero is a versatile architect with experience in working on projects both in Finland and abroad. The arc of his career shows a strong skill set in designing office and retail spaces. Eero is at his most accomplished, however, in designing multipurpose sports arenas. Among his many achievements are no less than six KHL venues built with the motto “Go big or go home!”. 

During design process, Eero is a realistic and no-nonsense manager who nevertheless never obstructs the free flow of different ideas. He believes that a design process is always a team effort and his credo is “Stronger Together”. The source of his strength are his wife, two teenage sons and their two border collies. Both at work and in private, Eero’s motto is: “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll - But I Like It!” 

Eero Salakka


The amount of information and its management is constantly making our profession more challenging. At the heart of building information modeling (BIM) and the development of our office’s working methods is - Harza. More than 20 years of experience in the field of BIM at its cutting edge makes Harza a particularly valuable person in our office. A guy who is always kind and patient  and who always gives his undivided attention to both small issues and big development projects and so keeps the proverbial pencils in our office always sharp and on the ready.

Harri Salminen

Architect SAFA, BIM Specialist at A+BIM Konsultointi Oy

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