Kivistö’s “Kvartsi” and “Spektri”

Kivistö’s “Kvartsi” and “Spektri”

“Kvartsi” and “Spektri” are two multi-storey apartment buildings and two semi-detached houses in Kivistö, Vantaa. An instantly recognisable and unique skyline was achieved by playing with shapes and forms such as slanted rooftops and the rhythm of facade apertures. The core volume of the residential area runs along the two sides that are facing the streets.

Urban character of the project is enhanced by a porte cochère, recessed balconies and entrances. 

Taking into consideration the constantly changing needs of apartment dwellers, we built the possibility of future merging of adjacent apartments into our floor plans from the beginning.

Art by Eeva Kaisa Berry

The main porte cochère as well as the central courtyard features original artwork by Eeva Kaisa Berry. By addition of art and various leisure contents, the yard became attractive to all ages, from babies and toddlers to elderly. The colour accents in the recessed entrances are echoing Eeva Kaisa Berry’s original mural, inviting the visitor to venture deeper and explore. 

The volume of the buildings is positioned strategically in order to protect the yard area as much as possible from the prevailing southwesterly winds, and, to maximise the sunlight time, the buildings slope lower toward the west.

The art and urban agriculture theme meet each other in the shape and colour of planters in the yard, while the water fountain and a small brook add a dynamic element of water. The roofs are built to collect and reuse rainwater.

Environmental values

The titanium oxide contained in the cap sheet of the water ceilings uses uv radiation, wind and rainwater to clean the air from harmful nitrogen oxides. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used in the yard area, staircase, utility rooms and some residential rooms. Water-saving models have been chosen as bathroom furniture.

Kvartsi” and “Spektri”, Kivistö

Location: Kivistö, Vantaa

Size: 7 400 gr sqm

Completion: 2016.

Developer: Lujatalo Oyj

Artist: Kaisa Berry

Kivistö Titaani

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019

Kivistö Zeus

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2019