“Kuunari”, Helsinki

At the Seashore, Snuggling Up To The Marina

As Oy “Kuunari” in Helsinki was a project for a magnificent location near the Lauttasaari Marina, in the old parklands of the island criss-crossed by hiking trails. The site was previously undeveloped, but this project connected the existing urban structures surrounding it into one natural whole.

“Kuunari” residential area consists of three five-storey houses, with a parking garage underneath it and it has 39 unique homes all having an open view of the sea. The higher-than-usual ceilings of the apartment rooms allow for glass walls in order to bring the majestic scenery indoors. 

Helsinki City daycare “Lunni” is in the building on a neighbouring shore.

The seashore setting was, of course, of paramount importance in this project. In order not to disrupt the nature too much, the architecture needed to blend in as much as possible. A rather traditional design was punctuated with modern detailing. The facades are a mixture of plaster surfaces, red brick and natural stone.

“Building In Stone” citation is awarded to individuals and/or communities who bring new consideration and meaning to building homes with traditional and lasting materials, such as natural stone and brick.

“All of the apartments are positioned within the structure so as to give them uninterrupted views onto the surrounding landscape.” says Mari Ille, the project manager.

“Kuunari” Project Honored With “Building In Stone” Award In 2015. 

As Oy “Kuunari”, Helsinki

Location: Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Size: 6 780 gr sqm

Completion: 2014.

Developer: Hartela Oy

Kivistön Kvartsi ja Spektri

Kivistö, Vantaa / 2016

Kutomotie 11-13

Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki / 2011

Abraham Wetterintie 18

Herttoniemi, Helsinki / 2015