Interior Design

We are Versatile and Experienced Interior Design Professionals  

We will take on separate interior design projects and be a part of a bigger team.

What interests us is the multitude of forms a particular space can take – we look at a given space both from a macro and micro perspective, from afar and from up close.

We Create Living Designs for People

This fact informs our work from the very beginning to the very end. The way spaces look and feel has an immense significance, be it a working environment, a representative space, a shopping mall or an apartment.

In addition of making the room or a space come alive, a professionally designed interior is stylish and functional and it underpins everyday work and life of people spending time in it. Interesting and unexpected space arrangements, eye-pleasing colour palettes, material and textile choices, appropriate lighting design and acoustics will create a feel-good environment, increase well-being and generate positive energy.

This central concept will guide us and act as a red thread throughout the whole project.

We work on both renovations and new projects, and, to keep abreast in this wide and varied field of ours, we must keep up with what is going on in our industry in the rest of the world. We also collaborate with many different professionals who specialise in some aspect of interior design, such as indoor garden designers or industrial designers.We always challenge ourselves to come up with new and better solutions for the task at hand

First We Listen to Our Client, Then We Refine The Core Idea