Mosaic block

Suggestive Urban Spaces

“Mosaic” block in Vuosaari is located around Vuosaari metro station and complements its immediate surroundings. A considerable amount of additional construction has been planned for the area in recent years as part of the consolidation of railway stations.

The design area is bordered by Tyynylaava  and Valkopaasi roads, as well as the Mosaic Market and the Mosaic Route. A new Vuosaari high school will be built on the west side of the area. The Columbus shopping center lies to the east of the design area and the Vuosaari metro station to the south of it.

The design area consists of approximately 20,000 m2 of housing and approximately 4,000 m2 of retail, office and service buildings.

The design aimed to create a highly sculptural and visually stimulating whole in the middle of a dense and efficient urban block as a focal point of the market and metro station area. As a contrast to this, the very fabric of spaces and how are they woven together suggests safety and warmth. Cozy and friendly area, where it is possible to create a tightly knit community, where it is safe to live and spend time together.

Author Joseph Brodsky considered suggestiveness to be a great urban planning principle.“Mosaic” block offers many overlapping routes and a series of places worth stopping for. An urban experience arises from the opportunities to experience and participate in various places differently, each of us in our own way.

A meandering volume of the serviced apartment building is positioned lengthwise to one side of the “Mosaic” Market. The four residential high-rise buildings face south, with intersecting courtyards. On the lower level, on Tyynylaava street, small-scale park areas were created. Semi-public urban spaces will be an important part of the atmosphere when the bus terminal will eventually move from Valkopaadentie to make way for new fast-track tram.

“Mosaic” block

Location: Vuosaari, Helsinki

Size: 24,000 sqm2

Completed: 2020 ->

Client: Bonava Oy, NREP Oy

Verkkosaari Green Zone

Verkkosaari, Helsinki / 2021


1st place Sörnäinen, Helsinki / 2019